Multi-purpose fungicide with broad spectrum of action.

Composition : contient 250 g/l de Difénoconazole

Formulation : Concentré émulsionnable (EC)




Mode of action :

AVATAR is a fungicide that acts by translaminar action and local systemic action, it is absorbed and rapidly diffused in the aerial parts of plants. It is interesting for preventive use, as well as showing a curative and even eradicating effect in some cases.

AVATAR acts on pathogenic fungi during their penetration into the host and during the formation of their suckers (haustoria) by disrupting sterol biosynthesis.


  • Fungicide with remarkable effectiveness in preventive and curative control;
  • Broad spectrum of effectiveness on a large number of fungi on several crops;
  • Diffusion rapide sur les parties aériennes de la plante ;
  • Excellent persistence of action.

Agricultural use :

Crops Diseases Dose (s) P.C DAR (j)
Tomato Oïdium 50 cc/hl 3
Apple tree Scab 15 cc/hl 45
Potato Alternaria 50 cc/hl 30


1L – 250 cc.

N° Approval : H01-1-005

NB: We guarantee the quality of the product and we are not responsible for inappropriate or unsuitable use (see instructions and packaging on label).

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